Multiverse® Module

Designed for OEM Partners

City Theatrical's Multiverse Modules are best suited for lighting equipment manufacturers who are interested in adding wireless DMX to their products. Due to low cost, increased data transport, and ease of design integration, the Multiverse Module marks the first time that the implementation of a wireless DMX chip in every DMX device is possible.

The Multiverse Module* is available in  2.4GHz. This frequency version can include a PCB trace antenna or not. It has a U.FL connector to connect to an external antenna.

OEM Implementation

Multiverse Modules are available on reels for surface mounting. The OEM Implementation Kit includes a detailed guide, equipment, test gear and more. Learn more: OEM Manufacturing Guide.


Part Number Name Usage
5994 Multiverse Module 2.4GHz including a PCB trace antenna Worldwide
5995 Multiverse Module 2.4GHz Worldwide


*Multiverse Transceivers are covered by U.S. Patent # 7,432,803 and other patents pending

Additional Information


Multiverse Module or Multiverse Receiver Card: How to Decide Which is Right for You

Multiverse’s patented wireless DMX/RDM technology is now available to lighting manufacturers and end users alike for the implementation of wireless DMX/RDM into entertainment projects or lighting equipment with Multiverse Module and Multiverse Receiver Card products. This technology allows larger and larger systems to be scaled up without producing harmful amounts of radio energy, at a significant cost savings.

The following chart will help you start thinking about important factors that may affect your wireless DMX implementation, and how Multiverse Module or Multiverse Receiver Card can help you reach your business goals.

Read the Multiverse Module vs. Multiverse Receiver Card PDF for more.


Multiverse ModuleMultiverse Modules lineup


Multiverse Receiver Card
Multiverse Receiver Cards lineup


Part Numbers (2.4GHz only)


5994, 5995










Ideal User


Lighting manufacturers with engineering capacity, or highly skilled specialty shops


Anyone who wants to implement wireless DMX/RDM into a product or project


Skill Level


Circuit board design and programming skills required


No special engineering or programming skills to implement; basic hand soldering skills only




Allows RDM integration of entities so Multiverse RDM information appears together with fixture RDM information


RDM of device and Multiverse Receiver Card appear as two separate entities






DMX/RDM, 0-10V, and four PWM control outputs




Sold directly from City Theatrical after signing a City Theatrical Multiverse OEM License Agreement


Sold through any City Theatrical dealer


Work Required


Requires design and engineering work up front, but very little work in production (surface mount part)


Requires no work up front but some work to install each unit (hand soldering and possibly remoting of indicator lights, depending on your application)




Requires purchase of OEM development kit ($1,000); per piece cost varies from $60 for one piece to under $20 for quantities of multiple thousands


List price $250 each which declines as volume increases. End users contact your City Theatrical dealer for details. Manufacturers call City Theatrical for quantity pricing.


Best Choice if:


High volume use is anticipated


Low volume use is anticipated

Here are the Wireless DMX Accessories available for Multiverse Module:


 P/N Name
 5980  2dBi/4dBi Omni Broad Band Antenna, 900MHz/2.4GHz, Dual Band
 5980 - Multiverse Node Antenna, Omni Broadband, 900MHz 2.4GHz, 2dBi 4dBi


 P/N Name
 103-00730  Cable, Coax U.FL(L10-iPEX) to RP-SMA Jack 5", OD1.37mm
  103-00730 cable, coax u.fl


Title Description
pdf Multiverse Module Wireless DMX Technology in ETC's Source Four LED Series 3 and Desire Fresnel After a decade of research, something brilliant launched on March 30, 2021: ETC’s Source Four LED Series 3 and Desire Fresnel light fixtures, which are already setting standards that are far from standard. Both fixtures feature City Theatrical’s Multiverse® protocol for integrated wireless DMX/RDM, and can be easily configured using ETC’s Set Light app via both NFC and a Multiverse Transmitter.
pdf City Theatrical’s Multiverse Wireless DMX Technology in ETC's Fos/4 Panels City Theatrical’s Multiverse® Wireless DMX technology is now available with ETC's Fos/4 Panels, providing wireless DMX for these new studio lighting fixtures. City Theatrical’s Multiverse wireless DMX provides control along with a Multiverse Transmitter and console, allowing users to broadcast as many as 10 universes of DMX from a single transmitter without excessive radio energy.
Date Title Description
pdf 10/21/2021 1037 Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM Approved Antennas This tech bulletin displays a table that lists all the approved antenna that can be used on Multiverse products and radio modules for OEM integration
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