Continued from June 2013 CTI Newsletter

What Lighting Accessories Mean To Us:

At the core of City Theatrical, in our DNA, is our love of making things.  We have a great factory and really talented engineers and staff who can design and build just about anything needed in entertainment lighting.   Some of our products are simple and some are high tech but nearly all of them are classified as lighting accessories, those products that make lighting fixtures easier to use, control spill light, or make the job of the lighting designer or electrician easier in some way.

City Theatrical has always specialized in lighting accessories.  Iíve been making top hats since I was an apprentice Local One stagehand in the sheet metal department of Four Star Lighting in the South Bronx.  After I started City Theatrical, designers would call and ask for new accessories and variations that they couldnít get anywhere else. Today, designers and manufacturers call us every day to create new accessories to make their designs more artistic and to control light spill.  I like to think that we helped create the market for lighting accessories that exists today.  Some of the many products we introduced or improved include:

Half Top Hat
S4 Color Extender
S4 PAR Barndoor
S4 PAR Egg Crate

S4 PAR Concentric Ring
Beam Bender
Image Multiplexerô Moving Light Spill Rings

LED Top Hat Stackers Drop In Iris
 Moving Light Hangers

Track Tamers Safer Sidearms Cable Hook Custom Accessories

Each one of these accessories was developed in consultation with a lighting designer to help him or her solve a particular problem or create a new effect on a production.  When designers, consultants, and electricians need solutions, they call City Theatrical!

What makes us different from other companies that manufacture accessories?

Quite simply, itís because we invent, manufacture, and customize unique lighting accessories.   We invent from our ideas, and from ideas that designers, electricians, and our dealers bring to us.  Then we manufacture those products ourselves in our great factory with our own workers, giving us fast turnaround, and the ability to respond to your needs nearly instantly.  And lastly, when you want something thatís a bit different, or that canít be obtained anywhere else, we can either customize an existing product, or design and build a completely unique part just for you.

We exist to serve the needs of lighting users.  Call us any time and let us help you solve your lighting challenges.