Continued from May 2013 CTI Newsletter

Adana Theatre Festival in Turkey

Our European Sales Manager, Alex Cowan, received this email from a colleague:

Hello mate:


Thought Id let you know that we used my Show Baby's to control a massive water show spectacular and LEDs on the water at the Opening Ceremonies of the 15th International Theatre Festival 2013 in Adana, Turkey last week. I have to say your shit rocked again and together with my new 5 dbi aerials it was rock solid and reliable throughout the whole time having different programming positions, at my remote position in my room at the Hilton Hotel and down the river at mission control. This is the coolest little tool in my designers tool case!!! We now set Show Baby as a standard for our upcoming shows. Will you be in Frankfurt? Let's catch up and let's talk about how to extend my system. 


Have attached pictures from my hotel room.


I hope all is well.


All the best,



Jens Hillenkotter



Here are the details on the show:

Production: 15th Sabanci International Adana Theatre Festival Opening Ceremonies

2013 - Adana (Turkey)

Show Designer: Markus Katterle
Lighting Designer/Programmer: Jens Hillenkotter

Production Director: Boray Dundar

Additional comments from Jens:

"We had to integrate a multimedia show around an artistic performance. Part of the

opening ceremonies included a 75 meter water display in the middle of the Seyhan River in

front of the Hilton SA Hotel Adana.

We had two nights to program and rehearse the entire opening ceremony around the artistic

rehearsals. Strong winds caused delays as the water display could shoot up to 75 meters high

which means there are 3.5 tons of water which are coming down somewhere. During setup and

tech rehearsals we built the mission control in a suite at the Hilton (photo). Our creative

meeting room was the suite next to mission control so we could oversee the entire site but

controlled the show from FOH down at the river.

We used three Show Babys (equipped with 5dbi aerials) to control the water display, one

as the receiver on the water platform at the river, one as sender at the mission control at

the Hilton, one at front of house

I always have my Show Babys with me and use them on various shows. They have proven to be

very stable, absolutely reliable, and easy to use for everyone."


The theatre festival lighting

The multimedia water show controlled with SHoW DMX SHoW Babys

Programming station

Jens at the desk in the Hilton.  SHoW Baby transmitter is next to his console, receivers are in the middle of the river.

Programming station

Programming station in the Hilton.  Note the SHoW Baby to the left of the console transmitting to the targets in the river.