City Theatrical's Custom Manufacturing Gallery

We work with designers, electricians, our dealers, lighting manufacturers,  and end users.   Give us a call with your requirements. 

Custom Gallery 
Custom Prism Beam Bender

Custom Concentric Ring for an Arri Fixture 

Custom Beam Bender made with a prism

Custom Concentric Ring made for an Arri Fixture


Hexel Domes for Le Reve

 Color Splash Top Hat - A Top Hat used for underwater applications

A pan/tilt yoke for a Philips ColorBlast fixture.

 A single leaf fixed top hat for VL3000

Custom Strip Lights for Broadway 4-D

 Half Top Hat for Traxon Fixture
We create accessories for LED fixtures as specified by designers and the fixture manufacturers.  This custom project allows Traxon LED points to be mounted to steel cable suspended over the street. 

A top hat for a special Lumenpulse project 
This adaptor converts a pipe coupling to a film/video device 

These specially designed and built outdoor enclosures for SHoW DMX Receivers travelled the world for two years on the U2 360 Degree tour.  We created pole operated Source Four Zoom fixtures for a London television studio 

A very esoteric top hat for an LED lighting fixture.  This was built to the specific needs of a designer for a project. An example of custom panel punching to a customer’s specifications.   Panel will be powdercoated black. We perform this work with fast turnaround times. 

GLP X4 Spill Ring-   This spring loaded spill ring is designed to move forward and rearward as the focus lens moves in and out of the fixture A special half top hat for a custom project for the Mac Aura

City Theatrical is the only company who manufactures a full line of standard and custom beam control accessories for moving lights, like this Martin Mac 2K Wash hexcel lover.   A custom Source Four PAR top hat designed for mounting in an orchestra shell. 

A custom long version of a 5/8” baby lighting pin for film and video use A custom pan tilt speaker yoke for an EAW speaker


A custom lighting mount for a special lighting project

A retrofit yoke for a Source Four PAR to allow it to be used without a base


Custom portable lighting cable assemblies, engineered and built to order

Custom yokes for hanging speakers in theatres and on tour.


An egg crate louver for an ETC fixture, providing 45 degree cutoff in less than 1/2” of depth. 

This barn door is an example of the custom powder coat services that CTI offers.  Since we powder coat every we can provide standard, or custom, or multi color finishes, such as this barn door with a white exterior and a black interior. 



A half top hat for an Erco outdoor fixture

A very unique double depth 20 degree cutoff angle egg crate louver for a Danish aquarium.



A unique beam control/aesthetic design for a Phililps Color Graze fixture

A very deep bladed top hat to carefully collimate the beam of a Lumenpulse fixture.


A pan/tilt yoke for a Philips ColorBlast fixture.

A short top hat for an Arri L7 LED Fresnel


Custom top hats with a long life color filters for the roof of a Manhattan office building

Custom lighting mounting hardware for a museum installation


Adjustable mounting arms for Traxon lighting fixtures for outdoor use.

Aluminum Cross Base- A foldable lighting stand


Accessories for the ETC Mini Source Four in a variety of shapes, in any color.

Tiny custom snoots for Juno fixtures

Large Custom Egg crate louvers for beam control   25" tv wall mount  

Custom accessory holder for LED fixture   Spun metal covers for outdoor LED lighting fixtures  

 Custom coated top hats  MAX3 AirFX Concentric Ring  

VL4000 color frame

These “eyeball” fixture covers were made from three spun pieces.

Spill rings for GLP moving lights for a Broadway show 

Custom louvers for an outdoor moving light installation 

 Custom triangle egg crate louver for a New York Museum.   Custom QolorFLEX™ LED tape and harnesses for major network TV show.