Lighting Fixtures:   ETC Desire 40 XTI 
Lighting Controller:  ETC Eos TI 

Every project has it's challenges and rewards, and Hollywood Lights' recent work on the aesthetic lighting for the Tillikum Crossing, Bridge of the People, (Portland, Oregon) was full of many that made it a unique and wonderful experience to be a part of. One of the best rewards was our opportunity to work with the SHoW DMX Vero wireless DMX units from City Theatrical to help us gain control over the aesthetic lighting in a reliable and efficient manner. These units provided us with an ideal solution for both our programmers and technicians onsite, and also for our clients.


The permanent home of the controls for the aesthetic lighting will be at the end of the bridge in a small electrical room. Unfortunately, this location has a poor view of the bridge. Our challenge was how to gain control over the lighting from what would be a more ideal viewing location. Once we settled on a location where the programmer and artist would be located, we then went back to figure out how to make the logistics work.


By using the Vero units for a temporary set up, we were able to place both the programmer and the artist in an RV on the adjacent construction lot.  At first we were very hesitant to use wireless DMX due to the nature of this job site.  It is a wide open construction site om the edge of downtown Portland and adjacent to a very large educational facility. We were concerned that every time a construction crew came by or an emergency vehicle went past we would have interference with the DMX signal


Additionally. as this is a large and very public project for the city of Portland, there were multiple times during the programming process where there were crews filming, photographers trying to capture the lighting, or groups coming through to tour the bridge. The reliability of the Vero gave us peace of mind during these events without the hassle of running almost 1,600 feet of DMX cables each night that would have to be cleaned up each morning, which after a 10 hour night of programming can be a more that arduous task. 


The Veros saved us both time running cable and troubleshooting what could have been a very difficult set up. After programming the units, we plugged in the receiver to the DMX port on the West side of the bridge. We set the unit on top of the electrical cabinet to ensure it had line of sight to the RV, and then placed the Transmitter on the dashboard of the RV. The entire process took about 15 minutes, and required minimal troubleshooting throughout the night. 


We have since demonstrated the Veros for a number of clients and are amazed at its continued versatility and easy of use. This is really a no brainer solution for an installation that required reliable wireless DMX, even over long distances filled with interference. We really cannot recommend them enough!