City Theatrical Candle Lite Unlimited FAQ

Q1:  What are the features of the Candle Stick (P/Ns 3470 and 3472)?

A1:  The Candle Stick is an imitation candle stick made of plastic, either 5” (PN 3470) or 12” (PN 3472) long.  It has an on-off switch, and a door on the bottom that opens to allow a 9v battery to be inserted. The Candle Sticks can also be powered with an external power supply. The battery door has a small notch that allows the Candle Stick to sit flat on a surface and still allow the external adapter’s cord to exit.

Q2:  What are the features of the Candle Kit (P/N 3450)?

A2:  The Candle Kit consists of a flame tip, 12” of wire leads, a small circuit board, and two leads exiting the circuit board.  The candle kit is designed to be built into users’ designs such as custom sconces and chandeliers. 

Q3:  How can the Candle Kit or Candle Stick be powered?

A3:  The Candle Kit or Candle Stick can be powered either with a 9v battery or a PN 3480 (single candle) or PN3481 (for up to six candles) external power supply. 

Q4:  How is the Candle Stick connected to a 9v battery?

A4:  Open the battery door on the bottom of the candle and pull out the built in battery snap.  Attach the battery snap to a 9v battery.  Push the battery up into the candle and close the battery door.

Q5:  How is the Candle Kit wired to a 9v battery?

A5:  A “battery snap” is needed and is obtainable from Radio Shack, any hobby shop or any electronics supply such as Digi-Key ( or Allied Electronics (  The battery snap is attached to the battery terminals and the wire leads of the battery snap are connected to the Candle Kit by soldering, wire nuts, or other mechanical means.  Attach the red lead to the positive terminal, and the black lead to the negative terminal.

Q6:  How do I attach my Candle Stick to my AC Adapter (P/N 3480)?

A6:  Open the battery door on the bottom of the Candle Stick, and inside you will find a battery snap. The AC Adapter also has a battery snap.  Mate the two battery snaps together, tuck the connection back up into the candle, and close the battery door allowing the wire to exit through the notch in the door. 

Q7:  How do I attach my Candle Kit to my AC Adapter (P/N 3480)? 

A7:  With the AC Adapter unplugged, cut off the battery snap, and connect to the Candle Kit leads by soldering, wire nuts, or other mechanical means.  Attach the red lead to the positive terminal, and the black lead to the negative terminal.  Take care to maintain polarity.

Q8:  How do I attach multiple Candle Kits or Candle Sticks to a P/N 3481 AC Adapter for Six Candles?

A8:   First, if using Candle Sticks, cut off the battery snaps from the Candle Sticks. Then connect all of the candles’ red wires together, and all of the candles’ black wires together. Then with the AC Adapter unplugged, cut off the battery snap and connect the Candle Kit’s or Candle Stick’s red leads to the battery snap’s red leads by soldering, wire nuts, or other mechanical means, and the Candle Kit’s or Candle Stick’s black leads to the battery snap’s black leads by soldering, wire nuts, or other mechanical means.  Take care to maintain polarity.  If any of the candles in the rig do not function properly, check for reversed polarity or shorts. 


Q9:  How can I run more than six candles?

A9:  Use multiple groups of six candles on PN3481 AC Adapters for Six Candles.  For very large installations, call us for engineering help.

Q10:  I attached my Candle Kit to my battery snap and 9v battery, but my candle does not light.  Why?

A10:  Your polarity is reversed, and/or your battery is dead.

Q11:  How long will a fresh 9v battery last with my Candle Kit or Candle Stick?

A11:  About two hours for the regular incandescent bulb candles.

Q12:  What can I do to get longer battery life?

A12:  If longer battery life is imperative to you, it is best to use our LED candles (call for information).  The LED bulbs last up to 20 hours per battery, but are not quite as realistic looking as our standard incandescent bulbs.

Q13: Can my candles be connected directly to 120v, without using an external power supply?

A13:  No, they would be destroyed.

Q14: How many candles can be powered from the AC Adapter (P/N 3480)?

A14: The AC Adapter P/N 3480 can power one candle.

Q15:  Can the City Theatrical AC Adapters be dimmed on stage dimmers?

A15:  Yes.  The candles will continue to flicker until just before they dim out all the way.

Q16:  How long will the bulbs in my flame tips last?

A16:  The average life of the lamps in the flame tips is one year of normal use when used with the standard 7.5V City Theatrical AC Adapters.  For extended lamp life, the candles can be operated at a lower voltage.  If you need lower voltage power supplies for your candles please contact City Theatrical.


Q17:  How are City Theatrical’s present candles different from the ones they sold in previous years?

A17:  We have made a number of improvements in our candles.  We made the candle stick slightly larger in diameter (1.375” vs. 1”) to enable a nine volt battery to be stored inside.  This allows the candle to be held in the hand without the battery showing like it did in the old version.  We also added an on-off switch, which the old version did not have.  We also made the candle 1” taller (5” vs. 4”) in the new version, and also added a 12” tall version.  Both the 5” and 12” candles can stand upright on a surface when powered either by batteries or by AC Adapter.  Additionally, we added LED versions of all of the candles to give users who need long battery life the option of using candles for hours.

Q18:  Are the older style of candles still available?

A18:  We have a small quantity of the older style candles still available to service long running installations.  Please call us for more details if you need them.

Q19:  Why doesn’t City Theatrical manufacture the 0-10v analog candle anymore?

A19:  Analog control of entertainment lighting is growing increasingly rare.  If you must have analog control, contact us for engineering advice.

Q20:  How many candles are supported on a PN3481 AC Adapter for Six Candles?

A20:  45 LED candles and 6 incandescent candles can be supported.

Q21:  How many candles can be supported on each channel of the QolorFLEX 5x2.5A Multiverse Dimmers (P/Ns 5942 and 5943) and QolorFLEX 2x2.5A Multiverse Dimmers (P/Ns 5916 and 5917)?

A21:  Each channel can support 24 LED candles or 14 incandescent candles.

Q22:  Can I run the candle on 12Vdc with other low voltage dimmer loads?

A22: Yes, as long as you set a dimmer profile to limit the average voltage to 9VDC out of the dimmer when at 100%. This method will still shorten the life of the bulbs to some degree.