City Theatrical Team, October 2021
City Theatrical Team Members. Top row, left to right: Alex Garcia, Alexis Rebello, Alfredo Diaz, Andrew Fontana, Carlos Alverado, Carlos Rivas, Clive Joseph, Diego Duque. Second row, left to right: Domenic-Fulvio, Dori-Popadick, Frank Volpicelli, Fulgencio Cepeda, Gabriela Martinez, Gary Fails, Gary Vilardi, Harrison Hohnholt. Third row, left to right: Iliana Angel, Jackie Morreale, Janelle Boisseau, John Demous, Jorge Garcia, Joseph Taggart, Kelly Porteous, Kevin Fox. Fourth row, left to right: Kim Kenny, Lissette Gonzalez, Lorlyn Sia, Marcus Irving, Maria Martinez, Mark Lacko, Matt Stearnes, Matteo Vigni. Fifth row, left to right: Michael Birnbaum, Naum Bronz, Paul Kleissler, Peter Nickel, Phil Rodriguez, Ronald Perea, Shawn Zhang, Tevin Cummings.


About Us

City Theatrical invents, manufactures, and customizes unique lighting accessories for the entertainment and architectural industries and is the winner of 40+ product and business awards, including the New Jersey Small Manufacturer of the Year in 2015. Founded in 1986, City Theatrical has offices in Carlstadt, New Jersey and London, England. Products include the multi award-winning DMXcat® Multi Function Test Tool, Multiverse® and SHoW DMX® Wireless DMX systems, QolorFLEX® brand of professional LED linear lighting including QolorFLEX NuNeon™, QolorFLEX 5-in-1 LED Tape, and QolorPIX® Pixel Controlled LED Tape and Controller, QolorPoint® Wireless LED Uplighters, professional lighting software including Moving Light Assistant™ and Vectorworks Spotlight, as well as the world’s most extensive catalog of entertainment and architectural lighting beam control accessories and hardware. City Theatrical also performs custom manufacturing services and manufactures products on an OEM basis for other lighting manufacturers. 

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