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Circuit Board Manufacturing
Powder Coating


                  SHoW DMX SHoW Baby
                               SHoW DMX SHoW Baby Cartoon

Candle Light Unlimited

 Atomic 3000 Strobe Barndoor

PDS-750 TR and PDS-375 TR

Stackers Tapered Top Hats

Drop In Iris


Vertical Extension Tubes


DMX Iris


Projector Dowser


Indexed Locking Couplers


Track Tamers 


Safer Sidearms

Moving Light Hangers 

SHoW DMX Overview

SHoW DMX Transmitter Part I

SHoW DMX Transmitter Part II

SHoW DMX Receiver 

SHoW DMX Dimmer

SHoW DMX Antennas


SHoW DMX Anderson Connectors

Follow Spot Accessories

Follow Spot Yoke for Source Four

iW Blast Lighting Tutorial 

iW Blast TR Lighting Kit


Circuit Board Manufacturing

Powder Coating


PDS-750 TRX and PDS-375 TRX