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    QolorFLEX® SHoW DMX Neo® 2x5A Dimmer (Legacy Product)

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    The QolorFLEX® SHoW DMX Neo® 2x5A Dimmer is the size of a credit card and 1/2" thick. This two channel low voltage dimmer comes equipped with CTI's patented SHoW DMX Neo wireless technology. It can receive and output DMX (a full universe) command instructions from up to 200 feet away making it the ideal dimmer for use in costumes or other freestanding/mobile props where direct wiring is not practical or possible. 

    Click on the link for information on City Theatrical's QolorFLEX LED Tape.

    Name P/N
    QolorFLEX® SHoW DMX Neo® 2x5A Dimmer 5722M

    qolorflex 2x5a dimmer

    Case Studies:

    Robin Hood Costume with QolorFLEX Dimmers   QolorFLEX SHoW DMX Neo 2x5A Dimmers at the IIDA Fashion Show

    Architect Dore + Whittier was submitting a design for the Robin Hood look to the IIDA Fashion Show and reached out to Port Lighting to find out how they could best integrate lighting into the costume. The theme of the show was “portals”, and the design used interior design materials such as jute webbing and burlap from flooring tiles, rockwool insulation, and laser cut pieces of cork flooring. They sought a way to illuminate the jacket and boots by integrating LED tape.

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    SHoW DMX Neo Used In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory   QolorFLEX SHoW DMX Neo 2x5A Dimmers in London's West End

    City Theatrical worked closely with UK specialist lighting contractor Howard Eaton to realize the demanding wireless DMX requirements. As well as using SHoW DMX Neo® Transceivers and Receivers, the production marked the first use of the new D2 and D4 Dimmers, now known as QolorFLEX SHoW DMX 2x5A Dimmers.

    Read the complete story here


    DMX Control Features

    The QolorFLEX® SHoW DMX Neo® 2x5A Dimmer includes:

    • SHoW DMX Neo® 2.4GHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) Radio (Wireless version)

    Other Features

    All Units Include:

    • Two dimmer output channels
    • Max output per dimmer channel 5A
    • Max total output per device 10A
    • Screw terminal connections for power input and dimmed output
    • Individually protected against over-current
    • Individually protected against over-temperature
    • Individual bump buttons
    • PWM resolution 16-bit
    • Dimming Curves
      • Linear, 60Hz
      • ISL, 60Hz
      • Non-Dim
    • LED Features
      • Five variable LED smoothing rates
      • Four Film and Video Modes
    • Individual DMX addresses
    • Fully RDM enabled


    • NEMA 1 ABS enclosure

      Electronic/ Functional Features

      • Bump Buttons
      • DIP Switch, DMX Addressing (9POS)
      • DIP Switch, SHoW ID addressing (8POS)
      • DIP Switch, Curve Selection (4POS)
      • DIP Switch, LED Curve PWM Frequency Selection (4POS)
      • DIP Switch, DMX Termination (wired DMX units only, 1POS)
      • LED indicators:
        • Dimmer pilot lights (one for each channel)
        • Data (data present)
        • RF Signal Strength (4 LEDS) Low to High
        • Status


      • RoHS Compliant
      • CE Pending
      • FCC Pending


      Model QolorFLEX® SHoW DMX Neo® 2x5A
      Catalog Number 5722M
      Output Channels
      Input Voltage
      7.5 ~ 30VCD 10A
      Max Output per Chanel 5A@12V
      Max DImmer Output 10A@12V
      Size L x W x H 3.5" x 2.25" x .5" (88.9mmx57.2mmx12.7mm)
      Weight 2.4 Oz
      Power Connections
      Screw Terminals
      Output Connections
      Screw Terminals
      DMX Connections
      Screw Terminals
      User Interface
      DIP Switches
      DMX Address


      Curve Selection


      Film & Video Modes
      Yes - *5  (Fifth setting accessed through RDM only)
      DMX Termination


      SHoW ID
      Bump Buttons
      Pilot Lights
      Status Lights
      Smoothing Settings
      Yes - 6 Variable
      Stand Alone Settings
      FCC, CE, RoHS
      Reset Switch
      Power Supply
      Not Included




      5722M Documents:

      Cut Sheet Quick Start Guide
      IIDA Fashion Show Case Study

      Marketing Materials:

      Conversation on LED Tape with Designers from The Band's Visit QolorFLEX Brochure
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