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    Projector Hanger

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    Used to hang projection equipment from a vertical pipe, City Theatrical’s Projector Hanger allows for easy removal and replacement of projectors without having to unscrew the pipe coupling.

    City Theatrical’s Projector Hanger connects 11/2” schedule 40 steel vertical pipes to projectors in a safe and efficient manner. The hanger provides a simple, one motion lock-in mechanism that eliminates the need to twist heavy projector equipment around a mounting pipe manually.

     Simply attach the Projector Hanger’s couplings to the projector and to the pipe, mate the tapered connectors together, and tighten the knurled tightening knob.


    - Holds up to 200 pounds hanging straight down
    - One motion lock-in mechanism
    - Eliminates the need to manually twist heavy projector equipment around mounting pipes
    - Makes connecting vertical pipes to projectors more safe and efficient at height


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    Height   12.32 cm (4.85 in)
    Diameter   6.65 cm (2.62 in)
    Weight   1.36 kg (3 lbs.)
    Mounting Pipe Diameter   1.5" schedule 40 steel
    Load Rating   200 lbs. in a straight down application
    Construction   Aluminum; Steel
    Connection Method   One motion lock-in



    Projector Hanger
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    Projector Hanger - pieces click together
    The tee slot system in the Projector Hanger allows the user to slide the Tee Head (attached to the top of the projector) into the Tee Slot (now mounted to the end of the 11/2” pipe).

    Projector Hanger - locked for easy transport
    Once the Tee Head settles into a groove within the Tee Slot, spin the knurled tightening knob and the projector will be connected to the pipe. Insert the rubber clip to prevent the knob from loosening due to vibration.


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