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    Drop-In Iris

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    A City Theatrical Drop-In Iris is the simple way of changing the beam size of a fixed focus  ellipsoidal reflector spotlight.  Just drop in an Iris, adjust the handle to change the beam size from fully open to nearly fully closed.  We have Irises to fit a variety of popular lighting fixtures.

    CTI provides a limited lifetime warranty on all of its manual drop in irises. 

    Name A B C D Part Number
    Source Four Iris (shown below) 4 25/32” 5 7/16” 1/2” 3” 2180
    Source Four Jr. Iris 3 1/8” 4 9/32” 1/2” 2 5/16” 2185
    Strand SL Iris 4 3/16” 5 3/16” 1/2” 3” 2186


    • Offers precise, smooth control of beam size
    • Specially made leaves are tempered and heat resistant to over 1,000° F (538º C)

    Drop-In Iris, Open and Closed

    Drop-In Iris, being dropped into Source Four fixture

    Drop-In Iris, in fixture

    Drop-In Iris, in fixture, horizontal view

    Drop-In Iris, precise beam control







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