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Moving Light Assistant™

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Moving lights are complex. Moving Light Assistant keeps you organized.

Moving Light Assistant is an application designed to document both the physical setup and programming information for moving light rigs commonly used in the entertainment industry.

The application will run on both Apple Mac OSX (Intel only) and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

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Watch the Moving Light Assistant webinar with Andy Voller

Name Part Number List Price
Personal Moving Light Assistant

3660 call in 
Institutional Moving Light Assistant

3665 call in 
Student Moving Light Assistant

3670 call in 
Moving Light Assistant Upgrade, Student to Personal  3671  call in 

      3660 Moving Light Assistant

Wheel Loads Screen

Preset Documentation Software

Cue List Screen


  • Spreadsheet view showing configuration (lenses, lamps, menu options etc.) of moving light fixtures in the rig
  • Design and Edit moving light gobo, color, and effect wheel loads
  • Integrated Gobo and Fixture library that's easily customized and and updated
  • Import console reports from leading lighting consoles
  • View cue list, cue data, and channel data. Examine channel usage including maximum intensity, preset use, redundant moves, and more
  • Track current cue and photographs in the cue list with the lighting console in real time using Midi Show Control
  • Design, print, or generate PDF paperwork reports
  • Import and Export rig data with Lightwright
  • Take photographs directly into application with compatible DSLR camera connected via USB






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