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    PDS-750 TRX™ with Maximum Bandwidth Technology™ (Legacy Product)

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    The PDS-750 TRX combines advanced new LED fixture control and configuration features with multi-control protocol interoperability and powerful new data management resources in a single lighting control unit. PDS-750 TRX is now equipped with Maximum Bandwidth Technology™. 

    The PDS-750 TRX’s on board user interface give easy access to all setup and control functions including a wide range of stand alone functions that allow the unit to be used without an external lighting controller.

    The units can be controlled with all popular Ethernet protocols including Streaming ACN, Art-Net, or Ki-Net, as well as wired and wireless DMX512, and are fully RDM enabled. Every unit includes a built-in SHoW DMX ® receiver.

    The PDS-750 TRX provides full control capability for the Philips Color Kinetics ColorBlast 12 TRX, as well as 16-bit and 8-bit ColorBlast 12 TRs, iW Blast 12s, conventional 8-bit ColorBlast 12s, ColorBlast 6s, ColorSplash 2s, and other CKDMX fixtures. Each of the 12 outputs can be individually configured for the quantity of DMX slots required and the starting DMX address.

    Other features include a built-in three port managed switch to provide an Ethernet pass-thru to downstream devices, and a built-In Ethernet node gateway which when using one of the Ethernet control protocols allows the assignment of any of the 12 outputs (or the DMX output) to one of two virtual DMX512 universes.

    The PDS-750 TRX can also reconfigure Philips Color Kinetics LED fixtures remotely via RDM control of Zapi features.

    Note:  Your PDS-750 TRX may or may not be compatible with SHoW DMX Neo radios, depending on its age.  To learn how to tell if it is, and to learn how to make it compatible, visit Tech Bulletin #1023.

    Follow the link to see City Theatrical's complete line of Color Kinetics Fixture Accessories.

    Product Name X Y Z Weight
    PDS-750 TRX

    48.25 cm

    13.35 cm

    20.35 cm
    14 lbs.
    6.35 kg

    Name Part Number
    PDS-750 TRX - Discontinued 6500 NEO



    • For up to 12 Philips Color Kinetics ColorBlast 12, ColorBlast 12 TR, ColorBlast 12TRX, and iWhite Blast 12 lighting fixtures
    • Maximum Bandwidth Technology™
    • Select the footprint for each output, from two to 10 slots per output • Select the starting DMX address of each outputs
    • Control by DMX512, RDM, streaming DMX and RDM over ACN, Art-NET, KiNET, or internal MasterBlast stand alone routines
    • Ethernet pass through
    • SHoW DMX® Neo receiver built in
    • Built in rack mount /pipe mount ears
    • USB port
    • Enhanced Mini-Zapi





    Documents for 6500M/6550M:

    PDS-750 TRX User's Manual
    PDS-750 TRX Cut Sheet 
    PDS-750 TRX and PDS-375 TRX Quick Start Guide
    PDS-750 TRX Features and Specs

    Firmware Update for P/Ns 6500, 6500 Neo, 6500M, and  6550, 6550 Neo, 6550M:

    Instructions to download: 
    Firefox: Click the link below and click "Save File" to download.
    Chrome and other browsers: Copy and paste the desired link to a new tab in your browser. Press enter and the download will begin.

    Latest Firmware: (Version 1.5.2)
    Change log v1.5.2:

    Firmware Update Instructions (PDF)

    Downloads for Older Products

    PDS-750 TR User's Manual


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