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    EFX Plus2™ (Discontinued)

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    The EFX Plus² is a major concept in moving effects projectors. Using the output of an ETC Source Four™ ellipsoidal, the EFX Plus² produces effects required for today's demanding special effects needs. The EFX Plus² brings linear effect projection into the affordable realm.

    The Possibilities are Limitless

    Using a single pattern in the EFX Plus² produces a single image moving through the gate. For example, clouds moving across the sky. But why stop there? Add another cloud disk of similar or different design and have the clouds change shape as they cross the sky. Try adding a static template to the gate, such as a cluster of trees, and have the clouds pass over them. What's more, you have the ability to shutter, etc., just as you would with any ordinary ellipsoidal!

    Let Your Imagination Run Wild

    Clouds are just the beginning! Fire, Snow, Reflected Water, Rain, or any other linear effect that you can imagine can be created using the EFX Plus². The user has direct control of the effect by independently controlling both the speed and the direction of the Effects Disks. Rain can begin to gently fall and then increase in speed to become a downpour. Placid clouds can suddenly turn into storm clouds. The imagination finally has a tool to express itself!

    This product has been discontinued!

    Size/Model Cat. #
    EFX Plus² for S4 0.7 RPM (115v) 5200
    EFX Plus² for S4 0.7 RPM (230v) 5201
    EFX Plus² for S4 12 RPM (115v) 5202
    EFX Plus² for S4 12 RPM (230v) 5203


    • Attaches to any Source Four™ ellipsoidal
    • Large format pattern disks rotate in either same or opposing directions
    • Lightweight; only 8 lbs. (3.63 kg)
    • Maintains use of template slot and shutters
    • Art glass slot
    • Does not require any additional ventilation or space to use
    • Comes complete with modified barrel
    • Two planes of linear motion
    • Maintains use of template slot and shutters
    • Variable speed control
    • DMX controllable using only two channels
    • Maintains use of barrel rotation
    • RPM Range: 0 - 0.7 RPM or 0 - 12 RPM
    • EFX Plus² effects can be viewed on your computer by downloading Spinster™ software






    EFX Plus2 Idea Book

    Installation Guide
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    Operation Guide
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    Tech Bulletins

    1016 - How to check or change input voltage


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