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    Candle Lite Unlimited™

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    Real flames are very tightly regulated in live entertainment for safety reasons, often requiring special permits.  Candles are often called for in scripts, and our Candle Lite Unlimited flicker candles are an excellent way of simulating live candles on stage.  They are remarkably realistic from a few feet away and can be dimmed with standard stage dimmers.  They also can be hand held and battery operated and have a built in on-off switch.   Our Candle Kit is the circuit board, flame tip, and wiring, without the plastic candle shell, and can be used to create custom lanterns, votives, and props. 

    *Note: We sell both incandescent and LED candles.  They are both the same size.  Incandescent candles are more realistic, but LED bulbs have a much longer battery life (2 hrs. vs. 20 hrs.)

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    Name P/N
    Candle Kit (Incandescent) 3450
    Candle Kit (LED) 3451
    Candle Stick (Incandescent), 5" (127mm)
    Candle Stick (LED), 5" (127mm)
    Candle Stick (Incandescent), 12" (305mm)
    Candle Stick (LED), 12" (305mm)


    • Simulates the natural flicker and movement of a candle flame
    • Incandescent for extreme realism, or LED for long battery life
    • Logic circuit built in each candle
    • Dimmable
    • Candle sticks feature an on-off switch and 9v battery compartment
    • Three bulb design encased in a translucent shell
    • Operates on either 9V DC or a remote power supply
    • Lower power consumption. 150mA for Incandescent, 20mA for LED
    • Used on many Broadway shows and touring companies
    • Amazingly realistic





    Cat. # 3472/3473 Cat. # 3470/3471


    Cat. # 3480/3481


    Cat. # 3450/3451


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