Tech Bulletins

DateTech Bulletin #ProductDescription
06/05/2007 1000 Aquafog 3300™ Revised method of attaching wheels to axle
07/23/2007 1001 AutoYoke D39 diode
07/23/2007 1002 WDS 15A Dimmer Updated software V2.3
07/26/2007 1004 WDS 15A Dimmer Best practices for incandescent lamps
11/19/2008 1006 Aquafog 3300™ Methods for repairing an Aquafog pump
08/09/2013 1008 Products with Anderson connectors Installation instructions for Anderson connectors
10/17/2008 1009 AutoYoke A change in the pan and tilt motor mounts
09/24/2008 1010 AutoYoke Clarification of differences in lens mounting brackets in different generations of ETC Source Four lens tubes
10/16/2008 1011 Aquafog 3300™ A change in the Aquafog pump mounting bracket
12/15/2008 1012 Show DMX Neo® How to perform a wireless DMX site survey
09/10/2009 1014 WDS 15A Dimmer New dimmer curves are available
10/26/2009 1015 WDS and SHoW DMX Proper installation of remote antenna cables
04/19/2010 1016 EFX Plus2. How to check or change input voltage
04/19/2010 1017 PDS-50 and MasterBlast Controller New firmware to improve battery life
12/17/2010 1018 PDS-750 TRX The PCBA Temperature Sense IC U29 (Microchip TC74) on some units may fail at elevated temperatures.
06/13/2011 1019 PDS-750 TRX and PDS-375 TRX Incompatible USB memory sticks
05/24/2012 1021 PDS-750 TRX™ Units with serial numbers listed below may have been programmed with incorrect MAC Address and RDM UID
05/24/2012 1022 PDS-750 TRX and PDS-375 TRX A DMX termination issue is corrected
03/22/2013 1023 PDS-375 TR™ PDS TRX power supply SHoW DMX Neo compatibility
09/11/2013 1027 D2 and D4 Dimmers A firmware bug has been found in the D2/D4 Dimmers

 05/18/2017    1031                            QolorFLEX 5722&5742      

The latest firmware for 5722M and 5742M require minimum level of
firmware installed in the 5792M SHoW DMX Neo Max radio module.  

                           Candle PWM Dimming 

CTI added a 100uF 10V electrolytic capacitor (City Theatrical part
number 101-00059) between J7 (+) and J3 (-) on the candle PCB.
Set your dimmer PWM output frequency to 1KHz or 1.2KHz,
depending on model.