Here is a story we received from lighting designer Julie Seitel:

“I have a reciprocal-equipment-loan relationship with the production staff of the Williams College Theatre Department, and for their most recent production they needed some wireless DMX for a scenic chaise lounge with embedded lighting.  They initially bought another brand of wireless DMX and were disappointed with its reliability.  I said, ‘Aha... I have exactly what you really need.  Let me loan you my brand new Show Babies!’  And thus they made their way onto the stage of the '62 Center for Theatre and Dance in Williamstown on their production of Princess Ivona."

Show credits and details of the production can be seen at

This photo shows the compartment inside the chaise where the Receiver unit was located

 The chaise being tested


The chaise was designed by Polish scenic designer Joanna Kus, and built by Production Manager / Technical Supervisor Cosmo Catalano who also took these photos and reported that the SHoW Babys  were the perfect solution for this scenic challenge.