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Multiverse® Node

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The Multiverse® Node is the first building block of the Multiverse system. Each Multiverse Node is a transceiver. As a single universe transmitter, it functions in a similar plug and play manner to our SHoW DMX SHoW Baby®, but contains two radios (Americas version only) and a full user interface. As a receiver, it is the primary single universe stand alone receiver in the Multiverse system, and can be part of a larger multi-universe setup.

Multiverse Node SHoW ID Chart

Multiverse Wins Award for Best Debuting Product: Lighting at LDI 2018


 - Built-in 2.4GHz (for worldwide use) and 900MHz (for use in the Americas only) radios allow the user to select which single universe to transmit, and which radio band to use via the SHoW ID

- As a single universe receiver as part of a multi-universe system, users can select which universe to receive

- A very simple user interface to set SHoW ID and universe

- Rugged cast aluminum enclosure

- A single dual band antenna

- XLR input and output

- 5 to 30VDC power input via locking barrel connector




Multiverse Node with Front Folded Antenna (5903)
Multiverse Node, side view (5903 shown)

Multiverse Node
Multiverse Nodes Keys
Multiverse Node on bar
What's In The Box
MultiVerse Group 09.22.2018


Multiverse Node Cut Sheet
Multiverse Brochure
Multiverse Node Cut Sheet
Cut Sheet New! Multiverse Brochure
Firmware (5902 or 5903) for all Multiverse Node models


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