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Beam Bender

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City Theatrical's Beam Bender allows the light output of a lighting fixture to be located at a right angle to the fixture. A fixture can point horizontally and shoot its light straight down, or can point straight down and output its light horizontally. 

Designers have many uses for the Beam Bender, including shooting around obstructions, working with low grids in which a fixture pointing straight down would be an obstruction, and on dance sidelight booms to light the maximum of dancers’ legs without lighting the floor.

Beam Bender for Dance

City Theatrical's Beam Bender is ideal for theatres and studios with low ceilings, and is most commonly hung close to the ceiling to bend beams of light downwards to help lighting professionals gain vertical space.

Lighting Designer Jules Fisher brought us the idea of the Beam Bender and we built the first ones for his New York production of A Christmas Carol

Name A B Part #
Beam Bender 6 1/4" 12"
Beam Bender 7 1/2" 14 3/4"
8 1/2"
Beam Bender S4 Mini 5 1/2"
3 3/16"


  • Attaches easily to any Source Four™ , SL, Shakespeare or Selecon Pacific ellipsoidal for flexibility in fixture placement
  • Ideal for shooting around scenery or other obstructions
  • Adjustable mirror for controlling angle and spread of beam
  • Especially useful for dance designers needing maximum light output at floor level




Beam Bender, Unmounted

Beam Bender for Low Ceiling Theatres or Studios 

Beam Bender, Hanging

Beam Bender, Lit

Beam Bender, Hanging 2

City Theatrical Beam Bender
           Part # 1401 (left)          Part # 1400 (right)

Mini Beaam Bender

Part # 1402




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