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Projector Dowser

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Inexpensive digital projectors are used on shows everywhere but they have a problem that is difficult to overcome:  When they fade out, they still project light, called “video black”, and this small amount of light is easily visible during a stage blackout.  Our Projector Dowser is a simple DMX (or contact closure) controlled flag that can be closed in front of the projector’s lens when you need a complete blackout.  An included mounting plate allows a variety of hanging positions to suit your production’s needs.


Name Cat. #
Projector Dowser* 4160
Power Supply for up to two Dowsers 2199

* Does not include Power Supply


  • Changes “video black” to complete blackout
  • DMX controlled
  • Plugs into a 24V DC power supply (such as Forerunner™ or ChromaQ™) with a four pin cable
  • Fits most video projectors






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