QolorFLEX Natural White LED Strip Specifications 150 Lumens

QolorFLEX NuNeon Red Cut To Length

Catalog Number:        NUNE-24-RED-80-50-65-1
Name:      NuNeon Red Cut To Length
Color:    Red
Wave Length:   580
Beam Angle:    120º 
Brightness (lumens/m):    29 lumens/meter
Power (Watts/m):    3.8
Power (Watts/ft):   1.2
Input Voltage:    24v 
Number of LEDs:   80/meter
LED Spacing:   12.5mm (0.49 in)
Min. Cutting Increment:   125mm (4.92 in)
Full Reel Length:   Cut To Order
Width:    16mm (0.63 in) 
Height:    28mm (1.1 in)
Average Life:    8,000 hours 
Compliance:    RoHS/CE 
Type:    White Finish
Use:    Indoor/Outdoor

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