From A Student's Perspective: Lightwright 5 Tip Of The Month

By Elizabeth Stewart:

In my experience as a student studying lighting design, most schools don't offer a course specifically for Lightwright.  There's either one day in Vectorworks class that quickly covers just the basics, or a quick overview in a design class. While understandable, these situations often leave student designers struggling with the program in their attempts to meet a deadline. My professors are always willing and ready to give extra help or answer questions, but sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you won't be able to get the help you need until after the deadline has passed. These tips are designed to address the parts of Lightwright that I often notice my peers struggling with the most. 

Lightwright 5 Tip 

How To: Customize The Website Button

For those of you who are unaware, the website button is the globe in the top right hand corner of Lightwright. Clicking on it will bring up a list of links:

Customize the website button

Did you know you can customize the website button? 

To start, open “Lightwright” -> “Preferences”:

Lightwright preferences

When the Preferences window has opened, select the tab “Web Sites”.



Lightwright Tab Websites

Let’s say, for example, that you want a link to the City Theatrical newsletter archives, so you can quickly look for Lightwright tips when you need them. 

After retrieving the URL, I click on the “URL” box in the next empty line, paste it, and hit ‘enter’.

link website to Lightwright

Then, you enter the label you want to see when you click on the "Web Sites" button.

Lightwright websites button

After hitting done, you can look at your handiwork:

If you later decide to remove a URL, you can just reopen the “Preferences” menu and use the “Del” button to remove websites.

Customize Lightwright websites button