In this series of articles we will be covering 10 simple but useful tips for technicians that are using Lightwright 5. Every month we will release a short explanation and tutorial of each tip. 

  Top Ten Tips


1. Work Notes

2. Gel Cut Sheets

3. Dimming System Balancing

4. Focus Charts

5. Instrument Counting

6. Networked Editing

7. Update Tracking

8. Reporting

9. Gobo Inventory

10. Color Scrolls/Wheels 

   Tip #8 - Reporting    


Tip #8 Reporting

            In Lightwright 5 there are some quick ways to get information about your rig, ranging from the spare channels that you have, to the weight of lights and accessories in each position. They can be sent to a separate window, a printer, the clipboard to be pasted elsewhere or a file.

            To get to the reporting window click Utilities and select Reports…


  Figure 1   


Once you have selected the report or reports you want to run and on which system just click ok and it will give it to you in the report window. The nice thing about the window is the data is all selectable so you can just copy and paste it from there into a word document. You can only run reports for one system at a time so if you have your conventionals on system A and movers on system B that will need to be changed to get all of your information.

When running some of these reports there is information that will need to be in the instrument type for them to be useful such as the weights of your positions. To make sure you have the information you need on the instruments select Maintenance in the menu bar and then select Instrument Type. You can then adjust your stock quantity for instrument counting that we covered in Tip #5. You also verify wattage, gobo size, and weight.




Figure 2


The reports that you get from the reporting service are geared specifically towards technical aspects of your rig. These reports are quite accurate but they shouldn’t be taken as perfect. Always make sure to double check electrical loads and weight loads for safety.

Stay tuned for next month’s article about keep track of your gobo inventory.



  Figure 3    






Next Month: An overview of Gobo Inventory