In this series of articles we will be covering 10 simple but useful tips for technicians that are using Lightwright 5. Every month we will release a short explanation and tutorial of each tip. 

  Top Ten Tips


1. Work Notes

2. Gel Cut Sheets

3. Dimming System Balancing

4. Focus Charts

5. Instrument Counting

6. Networked Editing

7. Update Tracking

8. Reporting

9. Gobo Inventory

10. Color Scrolls/Wheels 

   Tip #5 - Instrument Counting  


Whether you are working from a stock of instruments, using a rental package or a combination of both you need to know how many instruments you are using. Lightwright 5 can do this simply and quickly with minimal setup.



First click MAINTENANCE on the menu bar and select INSTRUMENT TYPE. If you are starting with a blank document the window will be empty





If you are not working from a rep Lightwright file I find it easier to put the instruments I am planning on using into Vectorworks and export that data. You can setup your inventory in Vectorworks and then have that transferred to Lightwright but since these are the top tips for Lightwright I will show you how to do it in Lightwright. Once you have dropped some instruments into the file and set up Lightwright sharing go back into Lightwright and link the files. Now when you click MAINTENANCE on the menu bar and select INSTRUMENT TYPE, it will have the instruments in the window.





Now is when you would put the instrument counts into the system if you are using stock inventory. I am going to put it some dummy numbers as if I am working from a stock of conventional but will be renting LED’s and movers. The next step would continue with the plot and then come back into Lightwright for the instrument report.

To find the instrument report; click on UTILITIES on the menu bar then click LIVE COUNT WINDOW. This will pull up a window reading out the amount of instruments you have used of each type, how many you have remaining in stock, and how many more are needed.






This report can also be printed by clicking on UTILITIES on the menu bar, scrolling over COUNTING, and then selecting INSTRUMENT TYPE. You will get a window with multiple selections for the report that is printed. Regular Count will just give you the amount used in the file. Count Broken Down by Hanging Position will break down the amount of instruments per position. Count Stock QTY vs. QTY in Use will give a similar report to the live counting window. 





This is a simple function that can speed up your shop orders and will help determine the size of your rental package. Come back next month for a review of Networked Editing.


Next Month: An overview of networked editing