In this series of articles we will be covering 10 simple but useful tips for technicians that are using Lightwright 5. Every month we will release a short explanation and tutorial of each tip. 

  Top Ten Tips


1. Work Notes

2. Gel Cut Sheets

3. Dimming System Balancing

4. Focus Charts

5. Instrument Counting

6. Networked Editing

7. Update Tracking

8. Reporting

9. Gobo Inventory

10. Color Scrolls/Wheels 

   Tip #9 - Gobo Inventory     


Tip #9 Gobo Inventory

There are many ways you can keep track of your gobo inventory. It can be in a spreadsheet, on paper or with Lightwright 5. For any gobo inventory to be useful it needs to be complete. The set up of your inventory database is going to be time consuming but it will make it easier to know what you have and what you will need to buy for a production.

            For the initial setup of your gobo inventory you will need to set up the sizes you have first. To set up gobo sizes select Maintenance – Gobo Size. A new window will open and you can name the sizes whatever you like and add any notes that might be useful such as dimensions.

  Figure 1   


Now to setup the gobo inventory, select Maintenance – Gobo. A new window will open and this is where you will input all of your gobos. Start by putting the gobo number into the first column, and then you can drag the gobo image from the manufacturers’ website into the picture column. There are then 15 more columns that you can put quantities of different sizes of gobos that you have in stock.


Figure 2


            Once you have filled in all of your stock gobos whenever you use them on a show and run the gobo report you will know how many more you will need to buy. When you buy new gobos you should always make sure to update database. To get the report on how many gobos you need select Utilities – Counting – Gobo. Regular count will tell you how many you have in the show file, Count Broken Down by Hanging Position will tell you how many gobos are in each position and Count Stock Qty vs. Qty in Use will tell you how many short you are for the production.



  Figure 3    


            You can select which items you want counted and since you will have a large amount of gobos in your inventory it will be best to only count the ones in use on the production. This is done by clicking none and then selecting the ones that have the small graphic to the right of them, that graphic indicates it is in use in the paperwork. The report will tell you how many gobos you have of each size and how many more will be needed to fill the amount used. 


  Figure 4    



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