In this series of articles we will be cover 10 simple but useful tips for technicians that are using Lightwright 5. Every month we will release a short explanation and tutorial of each tip. 

  Top Ten Tips


1. Work Notes

2. Gel Cut Sheets

3. Dimming System Balancing

4. Focus Charts

5. Instrument Counting

6. Networked Editing

7. Update Tracking

8. Reporting

9. Gobo Inventory

10. Color Scrolls/Wheels 

   Tip #2 - Gel Cut Sheets  

The ordering, handling, and storage of gel varies from theater to theater; rental company to rental company; and designer to designer. Some places hold stock and only use what they have on hand, while others always order new and others use a hybrid of both methods. What we are going to look at in this tip is how to set up your paperwork to give you readout of how much gel is needed for a show and how many sheets are needed for purchase. 

First it is necessary to set up your color frame sizes, the size of cut you want to use in the frames and the color sheet dimensions you are using. This is done by going to the Maintenance drop down menu and selecting Color Frame. In this window you can add the necessary color frames. 


In this example I have added 6 ¼” frames with 6”x6” cuts (giving you 3 more cuts per sheet) and 7 ½” frames with 7.5”x7.5” cuts. For the gel sheet I am using 20”x24”. Now that we have the frames we are using and the cut sizes we need to add them to our fixtures.


Again going to the Maintenance drop down menu and selecting Instrument Type will open a window that has been filled with the instrument types specified in the design; here you can add stock quantities, wattage, frame label, gobo size, DMX quantity, weight, and attributes. We will be covering stock quantities and wattage needs in further articles right now let’s stay with the Frame Label column. If you click on the black arrow you can choose a previously made frame size or create a new one since I have made the frames for the instruments I have in this plot I will just choose from the menu. Once that is complete for all instruments needing gel we can do a report on how many sheets are needed.  


To get a report of how many cuts are needed go to the Utilities drop down menu, roll over Counting and select Color. There are 3 different options for counting; Regular Count will tell you how many cuts of each gel type you have selected, Count Broken Down by Hanging Position will give you gel counts by position, and Count Sheets will give you the count of how many sheets are needed to create the cuts.


This is the Sheet count view:


This is the Cut count view:


These reports can be printed to the report window, a printer, to the clipboard or as a file, whichever is most useful. 

Using these reports allows for a much simpler and exact way of counting gel needed for purchasing purposes and pulling purposes. 

Next Month: Balancing your dimming system loads