In an industry where your self-image is very important, the paperwork you produce is sometimes overlooked. There are some simple steps in Lightwright that can be done to add some uniqueness to your paperwork. In the layout screen you can take a look at the standard format that Lightwright 5 gives you. There is nothing really wrong with this setup; it gives you the pertinent information about the document and is very simple and concise.


  STEP 1: First we are going to customize the paperwork:  
1. Go to the layout page 
2. In the Setup menu select Show Title & Page Header 
3. Input the Show Name and the rest of your design team
4. Close the window and the layout will update (Notice the title replaces the file name) 

  STEP 2: Second we are going to adjust some of the formatting of the text we added. The show title is a good place to use an eccentric font since it is not vital to the reading of the paperwork.

1. Right click on the title 
2. Select the desired font 
3. Adjust font size accordingly

  STEP 3: Lastly a quick and easy way to connect your paperwork to the show is by adding a photo. In this example I will add a publicity photo.

1. In the Layout menu select Picture-New Show Picture 
2. Select your desired picture 
3. Place accordingly and Resize.
   These simple steps can help with giving your paperwork some customization and will show an effort to produce quality work on all fronts, not just in your design work.​  
   Harrison Hohnholt is a member of the CTI sales team, and is the CTI software specialist.   Harrison is a lighting designer and holds a BFA from the University of Nebraska and and MFA in lighting design from  Illinois State University