Integrated LED Tape Systems

The use of LED light tape in Theatre, Film, and Video is becoming more and more widespread as the price of light emitting diodes continues to decrease while quality and efficiency increases. The creative flexibility, energy savings, safety, and cost savings associated with this new technology has led lighting designers to specify its use in and on practically every new show in live theatre, television, motion pictures, and nearly every other form of entertainment. However, designing and implementing an LED tape installation can be confusing, difficult, and overwhelming given the different components which are required, their technical requirements for operation, and the wide array of products to choose from. 

City Theatrical has long been the entertainment world’s trusted source for lighting accessories and we now offer you our own outstanding line of LED components for use in your Theatre, Film, and TV projects. These include LED tape, Low Voltage Wired and Wireless Dimmers, Power Supplies, and our award winning wireless SHoW DMX Neo lighting control systems. 

Unlike other (often faceless internet based) suppliers of these types of components, City Theatrical brings its long history of innovative technology and expertise to the table and is able to combine a unique group of products and services into one package for the lighting user.


LED Design

The skills to put a working, reliable LED tape lighting system
together are beyond many lighting users.
We can help by delivering a unique package of goods and services to help you meet the needs of your production. Whether you just need LED tape, LED Dimmers, and Power Supplies, or you also need a complete package including wire harnesses, wiring diagrams, and system testing, call us or your local City Theatrical dealer. We offer a range of goods and services beyond what you can find anywhere else!

System Pre-planning and Quotation
We will review your project’s specifications, design intent
documentation, lighting plan etc., to gain a thorough
understanding of the project’s scope. Based on this information, we will prepare a written quotation for the project including line items for services, standard equipment, and custom components.

Construction of Custom Elements
We will fabricate and/or assemble any custom devices such as control interfaces or branch circuit distribution panels and we can provide them in NEMA rated enclosures with ETL listing. If your project requires it, we will produce any wiring harnesses/cable assemblies which are required to simplify final installation.

System Pre-assembly and Testing
All system components (DMX controls, dimmers, power supplies, custom elements, wiring & cabling) will be pre-assembled in our factory so that complete testing can occur.

Installation & Operational Documentation
As is required, CTI will prepare support documentation for the
final installation showing wire routing,component placement/mounting


QolorFLEX LED Tape

LED Tape

LED tape is a revolutionary product, allowing lighting users to put light in places that were impossible in the past and to create lighting fixtures and lighting effects in new and inexpensive ways. It is disruptive technology at its best.

Our QolorFLEX™ LED tape is manufactured to City Theatrical’s exact specifications for professional use in Theatrical, Film, and Video applications. QolorFLEX™ LED tape is available in a variety of types such as single color, RGB, RGBA, and RGBW.

The types are constantly evolving, so check our website regularly for new additions. It has an adhesive applied to the back side to allow peel-and-stick mounting. It is available in 5 meter (16.4 ft.) spools or cut-to-order lengths.

CTI can also manufacture custom LED configurations on our in house surface mount line to suit your exact specifications.

QolorFLEX LED Tape Product Information


LED Tape Power Supplies

City Theatrical uses Mean Well and other fine power supplies to power LED tape. The power supply must be matched in both voltage and wattage to the LED tape project you are specifying, and this is often a difficult and

confusing moment for lighting users. Call us for help in designing and laying out your project. We can talk you through it and help you put your order together, or we can do the whole thing for you.

LED Tape Power Supply Product Information


LED Tape Dimmers

City Theatrical LED Dimmers are found on shows around the world. When quality of dimming is important to the show, lighting designers and consultants choose City Theatrical. CTI Dimmers dim smoothly throughout their entire range and don’t snap on like most other LED dimmers. On the dark stage of a professional production with thousands of eyes watching, this is enormously important!

Our dimmers are rich in features that make them easier to install and use, such as bump buttons (to check circuiting before DMX control 

data is run), and other innovative features depending on the model. Some models include advanced user interfaces and local level setting so no external lighting controller is needed.

There is no other range of LED Dimmers like ours, from tiny Dimmers with our award winning SHoW DMX built in, to large and powerful Dimmers with power supplies built in. We have a high quality and reliable LED dimmer to suit the needs of your production.

LED Tape Dimmer Product Information


Wireless DMX SHoW DMX

SHoW DMX Neo® wireless DMX technology is the latest innovation in City Theatrical’s 12 years of wireless DMX development and manufacturing. City Theatrical’s SHoW DMX® is the wireless DMX of choice for lighting professionals on Broadway and West End shows, permanent entertainment and architectural installations, major music tours such as the U2 360 Degree Tour, and events like the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremonies. 

SHoW DMX Neo features the extremely high data fidelity that the multi-award winning SHoW DMX is famous for, as well as incredibly fast 7ms latency, ensuring that wired and wireless DMX sources

will appear exactly the same. All SHoW DMX Neo products feature the ability to optimize control of output power, full or limited bandwidth broadcast, and the ability to broadcast less than the full DMX packet to shrink the radio footprint. For users who do not want to manually optimize their broadcast, SHoW DMX Neo products also have Neo Adaptive Mode that will select only open radio channels to broadcast on, with no user intervention needed. All SHoW DMX Neo products will also “heal” lost data packets.

SHoW DMX Neo Product Information