In this series of articles we will be cover 10 simple but useful tips for technicians that are using Lightwright 5. Every month we will release a short explanation and tutorial of each tip. 

  Top Ten Tips


1. Work Notes

2. Gel Cut Sheets

3. Dimming System Balancing

4. Focus Charts

5. Instrument Counting

6. Networked Editing

7. Update Tracking

8. Reporting

9. Gobo Inventory

10. Color Scrolls/Wheels 

   Tip #7 - Update Tracking  


            Now that you have your networked editing set up it would probably be a good idea to know who is making all of these changes to your paperwork. The setup process to display when, what and who changed the line you are interested in is very simple.

            The first way you will know that something has changed on your paperwork, whether it was by Vectorworks or another user is it will display as brown or red respectively. To get Lightwright to display when, what, and who changed all you need to do is turn the column on. That is done by going to the worksheet menu, selecting Columns… and scrolling all the way to the bottom and selecting When, What, and Who Changed. This will now display the information that has been collected. As you can see in figures 1-3 this is how they will be displayed when edited by someone else, you, or Vectorworks.


  Figure 1   

  Figure 2   
  Figure 3   


Once all of the edits are finished for that round of editing you can reset the highlights. This is useful when you need to separate the paperwork by milestones. This is done by clicking Worksheet and selecting Reset All Highlights. After this is done all of the text will turn black giving you the opportunity to see a whole round of new changes.