LDI 2017 Report

We had an exciting three days at the LDI 2017 show in Las Vegas! 

This year's live demonstrations included:

DMXcat demo   QolorPIX Demo   Multiverse Demo
DMXcat®:  DMXcat solves the problem faced by anyone that uses modern lighting equipment: How to turn on and test DMX lighting gear without using a complicated lighting console. We showed booth visitors how this multi function test tool makes it easy to control, analyze, or test any DMX lighting fixture - whether it’s a simple LED PAR or complex moving light - with only a small hardware dongle and a suite of mobile applications for iPhone or Android. 

   QolorPIX® Pixel Controlled Tape and Controller: This demo showcased how lighting designers can achieve thousands of LED lighting effects in minutes - chases, fades, scrolls, bursts, and more - from our easy-to-use plug and play technology. As an integral component of the QolorFLEX line, QolorPIX Pixel Controlled Tape delivers 48 individually-controlled RGB LED emitters per meter and an intuitive pre-configured controller, and empowers lighting designers to stretch the limits of their creativity - using only a few DMX channels.

   Multiverse®: Our founder and president, Gary Fails, demonstrated a nine-universe wireless DMX broadcast using only one transmitter in front of a live audience of more than 100 lighting professionals. As the first demonstration of its kind, seminar attendees watched as the Multiverse Transmitter broadcast five universes at 2.4GHz and four universes at 900Mhz, an example of how this revolutionary technology can carry more data while producing less radio energy.

Download our DMXcat brochure for more information. 
  Download our QolorFLEX brochure for more information. 

  Download our Multiverse brochure for more information. 

We are grateful that so many of the lighting industry's most influential and inspiring professionals took the time to stop by our booth and experience City Theatrical technology, live and in person.

Here are some of the faces from the show:

City Theatrical Booth 2660
Randy Riggs and Aaron Seelig of Indianapolis Stage

John Gebbie of Barbizon Lighting Company, NY location 

Taine Gilliam and Matthew Klasmeier of Vincent Lighting Systems


Richard Ramussen and Michael Bauman of I.A.T.S.E. Local 728 with lighting designer Matthew Ardine

Aaron Kashmer of TLS Productions Inc. and Lorlyn Sia of City Theatrical
Jason Osterman of Altman Lighting 
Devlin Browning and Manuel Moran of Lesco Lighting

The fantastic team at Parlights, Inc. 

  Norman Coates of Lightproject LLC, lighting designer Albert Crawford, lighting designer Zak Al-Alami, associate lighting designer Roya Abab, and lighting designer Jessica Elliot
Steven Way, Rui Alves, Paul Derocher, and Christopher Souza of Advanced Lighting & Production Services (ALPS)
Lighting designer Thomas Simitzes, Joseph Tolle of Nautilus Entertainment Design, and lighting designer Chris Rynne


William Beautyman of Limelight Productions, Inc. 
Tim Hansen of Oasis Stage Werks


Pete Borchetta of Altman Lighting, Inc. 
David Scherz, CEO of ASL Electronic AG/SA

Production Advantage's John Carver 
Nozomu Nagata and Hiroshi Yamashita of Coburn Japan Corporation

Jeremy Day and Michael Moffett of Lumenpulse Group
Don Earl of Earl Girls Inc. and Ian Healy of Worldstage Lighting 

Lighting designer Fred Bock from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (center) and the incredible crew from Worldstage Inc. 

Chuck Spector and Steve Wojda of Upstaging Inc. 

Rhys Morris and Alex Fedail of Kinetic Lighting Inc.
Steve Roudebush, Matt Williams, and Dave Durbin of BMI Supply
City Theatrical's Paul Kleissler and technical director John Bartley of The Smith Center
Bill Havens of Nautilus Entertainment Design


Shuhei Seo, founder of Global Entertainment Supply Inc.
Peter Willis of Howard Eaton Lighting Ltd. 

Bill Ellis, Bill Gallinghouse, and Dale Ward of Candela Controls, Inc.
Noah Davis of UNC Greensboro

Jamie Devenger and Tim Huth of Fisher Marantz Stone, Inc. 
Bernie Rooke of Pathway Connectivity and Lorlyn Sia of City Theatrical

Jennifer Gennaro, Lorlyn Sia, and Emily Merow of City Theatrical
Chris Leffel of Barbizon Lighting Company 


Simon Needle and Bryan Raven of White Light Ltd., and Simon Fraser from Ptarmigan Integration Ltd., announced their new venture called Integrated Technical Production Services LLC
Randy Watson, Robert Sturner, and Chris Murphy of Murphy Lighting Systems 

Micah Rahn and Alec Stoll of Stages Consultants
Mark Mongold of New York City Center, Inc. 

Ronald Brodeur of Worldstage, Inc. 
Donald Green, Laura Steinroeder, David Jacobi, and Austin Gebhardt of Kinetic Lighting
Jim Schelstrate of Holzmueller Productions (L) and Lightswitch's Norman Schwab
Mike Collins of Norcostco Atlanta Costumes


Lightwright®  Creator, John McKernon giving a demonstration of all the new features of Lightwright 6. 

Beam Control accessories 

Robert Cannon, Mark Conners, Donny Stern and City Theatrical's Paul Kleissler, had a mini Bash Theatrical Lighting reunion
Scott Laurentz and Mark London of The Lighting Design Group

Eddie Kramer of Local One and Roger Lattin of Local 728
Lighting designer Christopher Popowich and "The Godfather of Sound" Abe Jacob 

City Theatrical booth filled with attendees

Harrison Hohnholt of City Theatrical demonstrating QolorPIX to a crowd of on lookers

Ted Ferreira of CD+M Lighting Design Group
Dan English of LD Alliance 
Sam Kearney and Dennis Varian of ETC
Ryan Kirk and Melissa Johnston, co-founders of Propared

Stan Kaye of University of Florida, and Hannah Hayden, Steven Burrall, and Jay Herzog of Towson University
Lighting designers Kent Sheranian and Kristie Roldan of Walt Disney Imagineering


 QolorFLEX™ LED Tape lights up the City Theatrical booth
QolorPIX® Pixel Tape and Controller at the City Theatrical booth

City Theatrical's Emily Merow demonstrating DMXcat®
Steven Greenberg, President of ROYGBIV, INC.  


City Theatrical's Gary Fails and Fred Lindauer
Carl Camenisch of City Theatrical

Rafael Garcia of 4Wall LA 
City Theatrical's Harrison Hohnholt giving a live DMXcat demonstration 
John Carver of Production Advantage, Kris Hodge of Altman Lighting, Lorlyn Sia of City Theatrical, and Eva Pinney of Tribeca Lighting
City Theatrical's wireless display of SHoW Baby® 6 and SHoW DMX Vero

City Theatrical's David Smith showcasing new Multiverse® wireless DMX/RDM technology

ER Productions attempting a Guinness World Record title for the largest laser show on the LDI stage