LDI 2016 Report

 We had an exciting three days in Las Vegas this year at LDI.   Here are some faces from the show.  

CTI's LED booth 
Rebekah Gould and Ron Fogel of Ron Fogel & Associates 

Søren Dalgaard of Denmark’s Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center

John McKernon demos his Lightwright® 6 software for Broadway programmer Alex Fogel.

Steve Miller of University of Cincinnati and Alec Stoll of Stage Consultants 
LD Fred Bock from The Tonight Show
Steven Hamelin of Supertech, Inc. 
BMI Supply's Steve Roudebush
 Korean visitors from C&C Lightway seeing a DMXcat™ demonstration. 
   Moyeul Park (L), Hwan-Soo Chung, Homok Chung, and Jaewoo Lee from C&C Lightway
Christopher S. Darland (L), Joe Chapman and, Camilo Chalela from ARUP. 
Radio City Music Hall's Eddie Kramer 


Ken Salah from Cambrian College and Holly Strout of American Audio Visual.
The "Godfather of Sound" Broadway legend Abe Jacob 


Luc Drolet
 and LD Melanie Lessard from Radio-Canada showing off CTI's SHoW DMX Neo. 
Graham Likeness of Terrier Marketing 

Candela Controls, Inc's Dale Ward 
ETC's Jake Dunnum 
LD Christina Giannelli, Samuel Jones of Autoplotvw, and John Mckernon    
Geoff Korf from University of Washington and Peter Maurelli of Barbizon


The Lighting Design Group's Lesli Tilly and CTI's Andrew Nikel

Marshall Thornton of Altman Lighting, Inc. and Mark Miskimen from ACME Corp. 

Worldstage, Inc's Drew Decorleto 
LD Christopher Popowich 
Gordon Pearlman (L) and Lighthouse Production's David Fitzpatrick 
SHoW DMX Multiverse Radio Display 

Christi and Jared Canada from Norcostco 
LD Thomas Simitzes 

Bridget Curtiss (L), Philip Presentadi and, Kevin Sorg from Disney with CTI's Erin Giblin (R)
Ryan Kirk from Propared, LLC. 


Mary Lou Higgins and Dave Higgins, founder of Pathway Connectivity 
Ruthe Kenderdine from Kenderdine Electrical LTD and Chris Mckenzie from Professional Lighting/Kenderdine New Zealand 

Samuel Jones of Autoplotvw and LD Stan Pressner 
Mary Pat Kasrayi and Al Ridella of 4Wall


CTI's Gary Fails demonstrating DMXcat™ 
Steve Rust from Theatre Projects and Bill Ellis of Candela Controls Inc. 
 Roger Lattin of I.A.T.S.E Local 728 and High Output, Inc's John Cini    
Theatre Consultants Collaborative's Curtis Kasefang

Louis Bradfield of Bally's Las Vegas 
Richard Sidal of Polynesian Cultural Center and Brent Pritchett of 4Wall
 CTI's Lorlyn Sia and Production Glue's Pranav Shah    
Gisele Franco and Everthon Rosas of Arte Em Cena 
Peter Enrhardt of TVlights.com 
LD Jesper Kongshaug

John Szawczuk of Interactive Technologies, Inc. 
Scott Parker of IMS Technology SVCS and Andrew Nikel 

Jules Lauve of ESTA 
Jim Deveer (L) and Christopher Souza of ALPS and Ben Jacobson of Mystic Scenic Studios Inc.
ESTA's John McGraw
Don Earl of Earl Girls Inc 

Matt DeLong (L) and Jack Burwick from Rosco and Nick Pitman from Walt Disney Imagineering 

Javid Butler from Integrated Theater


 Side by side comparison of QolorPoint Mini (L) and QolorPoint Wireless uplighter 
David Schraffenberger from Production Advantage Inc. modeling our brand new DMXcat™

CTI's Gary Fails giving a tour of all the new products that were released for LDI. 
Peter Willis of Howard Eaton Lighting LTD. 


LD Rob Denton (L), CTI's Erin Giblin, Tim McDonald from The Muny 
Tony Giovannetti of The Metropolitan Opera

Luminous Ventures Jason Kantrowitz (L), LD Sergio Villegas and, LD Dawn Chiang
Doug McDermott of Clear Story and Ken Lager from LaFace & McGovern
 CTI's New B-series display   
Thomas White of Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Stephen Grieco (L), Curt Contrata and, Michael Plane of Stage Equipment and Lighting

City Theatrical and guests celebrating a great LDI at our favorite Mexican restaurant.


 Ken Lammers of KPS Inc. of Japan   City Theatrical's new DMXcat™

Paolo Montill of Cocolab