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Cognito™ Lighting Control Console

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The Cognito™ lighting console brings natural language control to the complex task of combining incandescent dimmers, moving lights and RGB LED fixtures into a single show. The streamlined workflow presents four simple steps. Select your fixtures. Control their intensity, colour, position and shape. Record as submaster memories, cuelist entries or libraries, with simple or advanced timing options. Playback manually, from multiple playlists, or a combination of both. 

Control is centred around a 7” capacitive touch screen. 20 high quality faders, along with the Pin function, allow simple 2-scene preset operation. 4 task-sensitive encoders provide simple, direct manipulation of fixture parameters, such as pan and tilt, in real world units such as degrees, RPM and percentage intensity. With no fixed limits on cues, memories, libraries or fixtures, the console is ideal for schools, houses of worship, museums, film/television studios, night clubs, theme parks and more.

Available in Pro1024, Pro512 and Starter versions. 

Name Cat. #
Cognito Starter P700.7101
Cognito Pro512 P700.7102
Cognito Pro1024 P700.7103
Cognito Rack Mount Adapter P700.7901
Cognito Dust Cover P700.7902
Cognito Upgrade From Starter to Pro512 P700.7811
Cognito Upgrade From Pro512 to Pro1024 P700.7812
Cognito Upgrade From Starter to Pro1024 P700.7813

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The Cognito user forums are now active at Discuss the latest features and tricks or ask questions of the development and support team.

Training videos and information on the Cognito Lighting Control console and software.


  • Up to 1024 outputs
  • 7” Capacitive touchscreen
  • Context-sensitive help overlays
  • Colour backlit faders, buttons and encoders
  • Twenty 60mm channel/memory faders
  • PIN pushbutton for 2-scene operation
  • Twenty bump buttons
  • Grand Master fader with blackout button
  • Fader bank master with blackout button
  • Two playbacks, each with an intensity fader, GO button and PAUSE button
  • Four detented rotary encoders
  • 12 pushbuttons for selection of attribute controls, edit and record functions, and console help 


    Cognito is available in Pro1024, Pro512 and Starter versions.






    No fixed limit on cues, memories, or fixtures   Yes  Yes  Yes
    Output addresses  512  512  1024
    E1.11 DMX512-A  Yes  Yes  Yes
    Pathport Protocol  Yes  Yes  Yes
    E1.31 sACN  Not enabled  Yes  Yes
    Art-Net  Not enabled   Yes   Yes
    DMX OUT Ports  1
     2 (same output
    repeated on each port)
    DMX IN Port  Not enabled  1  1
    MIDI IN, OUT & THRU  Not enabled   Enabled   Enabled
    RS232 Port  Not enabled   Enabled   Enabled
    Contact Closure  Not enabled   2   2
    IEEE Power-over-Ethernet operation Yes   Yes   Yes
    Power Supply Yes   Yes   Yes
    Dust Cover Optional   Yes   Yes
    Rack-mount kit Optional   Optional   Optional



    Cognito Lighting Control Console


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