City Theatrical will be demonstrating their new technology at the LDI Show on stand 2964 in the Las Vegas Convention center, Las Vegas, NV from October 21 - 23, 2016, including new B-Series Dimmers for LED tape, RGBI QolorFLEX LED Tape, John Mckernon will also be on the stand demonstrating the newly released
 Lightwright® 6 software. 

Introducing New B-Series Dimmers 

City Theatrical is launching a new group of uniquely featured, high quality, constant voltage B-Series Dimmers in a variety of capacities and configurations. All partner perfectly with City Theatrical QolorFlex professional quality LED tapes.


All of the new dimmers are RDM capable, allowing remote setting of DMX address.

The B5 Dimmer 

         The B5 Dimmer (PN5809) is a five-channel x 8A constant voltage dimmer in a rugged steel case. The five outputs give users the ability to run a full 40A of load such as RGB (three channels) plus bi-colour tape (two channels), or RGBA (four channels) plus WW (one channel). Three types of DMX connections are included (5 pin XLR, RJ45, and terminals), as well as a four button user interface to make address and parameter selections


The B4 x 5A Dimmer 


The B4 x 5A RDM Dimmer (PN5821)
 is a sleek and tiny constant voltage dimmer that can control 20A of LED tape load. Its connections are all on terminals.


The B4 x 5A RDM DINrail RJ45 Dimmer 

  The B4 x 5A RDM DINrail RJ45 Dimmer (PN5823) is a DIN rail version of the B4 x 5A RDM Dimmer with all the same features except the DMX connections are by RJ45 connectors for fast setups. Power in and output connections are on terminals.

The B4 x 5A RDM DINrail Dimmer 


B4 x 5A RDM DINrail Dimmer (PN5825) is a DIN rail version of the B4 x 5A RDM Dimmer with all the same features, for users who prefer a DIN rail approach to installation. All connections are terminals.




RGBI Led Tape used on the
 show War Paint.
CTI’s QolorFlex™ brand of professional LED tape, has been used on The Tonight Show, Late Night, Saturday Night Live, Best Time Ever, and dozens of other shows.

A brand new addition is the QolorFlex LED tapeRGBI,  incorporating, red, green, blue, and indigo LED emitters.  Similar in construction to our RGBA, RGBCW, or RGBWW tapes, our RGBI tape alternates a 5050 RGB chip with an extra bright, deep and rich 450nm 5050 indigo chip.   

The result of this is deeper blues than have been available in standard LED tapes, and very bright blue backgrounds, shadings, and accents in set lighting. 

Lightwright® 6 


Lightwright is an iconic industry standard on Broadway and in other areas of live entertainment, and was created to help designers and electricians record and keep track of the vast amount of data needed to install and maintain a lighting installation.

Lightwright® 6, for the first time, fulfills a longtime industry dream of controlling the flow of lighting data from design to console without needing to enter data multiple times by hand, while documenting up to 45,000 universes of data.