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QolorFLEX™ LED Tape

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LED tape is a revolutionary product, allowing lighting users to put light in places that were impossible in the past and to create lighting fixtures and lighting effects in new and inexpensive ways. It is disruptive technology at its best.

Our QolorFLEX™ LED tape is manufactured to City Theatrical’s exact specifications for professional use in Theatrical, Film, and Video applications. QolorFLEX™ LED tape is available in a variety of types such as single color, RGB, RGBA, and RGBW. The types are constantly evolving, so check our website regularly for new additions. It has an adhesive applied to the back side to allow peel-and-stick mounting. It is available in 5
meter (16.4 ft.) spools or cut-to-order lengths.

CTI can also manufacture custom LED configurations on our in-house surface mount line to suit your exact specifications.

For detailed specifications on our QolorFLEX LED tape, click on the catalog numbers below.

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Ordering Information:

Each type of QolorFLEX LED Light Strip is identified by a part number which consists of 7 sets of characters. Each character set specifies a particular attribute of the tape. Please refer to the Part Number Key to confirm you order the product needed. For a brief description of the different tape attributes, refer to the TERMINOLOGY section below. 




LED SIZE-                       
Refers to the actual chip size of the LED.
  In general, larger the chip size, the more
 light  output is possible. Single color
QolorFLEXstrip is available in 2 chips: 5050
(.50mm x .50mm)and 3258 (.35mm x  .28mm). Multicolor QolorFLEX types (RGB, RGBA, RGBCW, RGBNW, RGBWW,
) all use the 5050 chip. Our Adjustable White (WWCW) uses the 3528 chip size. 

QolorFLEX is available in both 12
and 24 Volt configurations. 24 Volt strip 
allows for longer continuous runs and 
requires half the amperage of 12 Volt 
strip to operate. 

QolorFLEX is available in a variety of 
different colors and combinations of
colors. Single color white stripes are
available in cool (CW), natural (NW),
and warm (WW) color temperatures.
Adjustable white (WWCW) has a 
combination of alternating cool and
warm white chips which can be 
controlled to achieve a specific color
temperature according to preference
Multicolor strips consist of RGB tricolor 
LEDs plus a fourth color(amber, cool, 
white, natural white, warm white, indigo)
LEDs which enables the mixed 
color output to be tuned and or 
balanced as needed. 


is the number of LED'S contained in a meter of strip. More LED's produce more light output. 

QolorFLEX is most commonly sold in 
Full reels which contain 5 meters (16.4ft) 
of product. Each end of the strip sold 
this way has a soldered pigtail of color 
coded ribbon cable for attaching to 
dimming / power devices. For custom 
lengths less then 5 meters, "CTL
should be substituted when ordering, 
and the desired pigtail 
configuration discussed with our sales
department as is needed. For an 18"
sample length without pigtails use "0"
as the length designation. Please contact your nearest dealer to help with custom quotes. 

Indicates the approved use 
environment. IP 20 is Approved for
indoor use only, IP 67 Suitable 
for outdoor use.  

Currently, all QolorFLEX Tape is 
available with a white (1) background
color as a standard product. If other 
then white is required, contact our
sales department for custom pricing
and lead times. 





QolorFLEX™ LED Tape

   Voltage     Usage     Name   Cat. #
   12V    Indoor    Cool White    5050-12-CW-60-5-20-1
   12V    Indoor    Cool White    5050-12-CW-30-5-20-1
   12V    Indoor    Cool White    3528-12-CW-60-5-20-1
   12V    Indoor    Cool White    3528-12-CW-30-5-20-1
   12V     Indoor     Natural White     5050-12-NW-60-5-20-1
   12V    Indoor    Natural White    5050-12-NW-30-5-20-1
   12V     Indoor     Natural White     3528-12-NW-60-5-20-1
   12V     Indoor     Natural White     3528-12-NW-30-5-20-1 
   12V    Indoor    Warm White    5050-12-WW-60-5-20-1
   12V     Indoor     Warm White     5050-12-WW-30-5-20-1
   12V    Indoor    Warm White    3528-12-WW-60-5-20-1
   12V    Indoor    Warm White    3528-12-WW-30-5-20-1
   Indoor     RGB     5050-12-RGB-60-5-20-1
   Indoor     RGBA     5050-12-RGBA-60-5-20-1
  Indoor     RGBNW    5050-12-RGBNW-60-5-20-1
   12V   Indoor    RGBCW    5050-12-RGBCW-60-5-20-1
  Indoor     RGBWW    5050-12-RGBWW-60-5-20-1
   12V   Outdoor    Cool White    5050-12-CW-60-5-67-1
   12V   Outdoor    Natural White    5050-12-NW-60-5-67-1
   12V   Outdoor    Warm White    5050-12-WW-60-5-67-1 
   12V   Outdoor    RGB    5050-12-RGB-60-5-67-1
   12V   Outdoor    RGB+Amber    5050-12-RGBA-60-5-67-1
   12V   Indoor    RGB+ Indigo     5050-12-RGBI-60-5-20-1
   24V   Indoor    Cool White    5050-24-CW-60-5-20-1
   24V   Indoor    Natural White    5050-24-NW-60-5-20-1
   24V   Indoor    Warm White    5050-24-WW-60-5-20-1
   24V   Indoor    Adjustable White   3528-24-WWCW-120-5-20-1
   24V   Indoor    RGB    5050-24-RGB-60-5-20-1
   24V   Outdoor    Cool White    5050-24-CW-60-5-67-1
   24V   Outdoor    Natural White    5050-24-NW-60-5-67-1
   24V   Outdoor    Warm White    5050-24-WW-60-5-67-1
   24V   Outdoor    Warm White    3258-24-CW-240-5-20-1
   24V   Outdoor    Adjustable White    3528-24-WWCW-120-5-67-1
   24V  Outdoor   RGB    5050-24-RGB-60-5-67-1



  • Manufactured to exact specifications
  • LEDs are binned during manufacturing
  • All reels are unspooled, rechecked for binning, accuracy, and quality before shipping


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QolorFlex LED Tape

QolorFLEX LED Tape


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