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    Feb 2016 Monday

    Remembering Sonny Sonnenfeld 1919-2016

    by Gary Fails | Feb 15, 2016

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    Dec 2015 Tuesday

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    Aug 2015 Friday

    LED Lighting Crosses the Chasm

    by Gary Fails | Aug 28, 2015

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    Jul 2014 Monday

    Orange Is The New Black

    by Gary Fails | Jul 28, 2014

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    Apr 2014 Sunday

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    Feb 2014 Thursday

    Where Were You When You First Saw A Source Four?

    by Gary Fails | Feb 27, 2014
    If you are new to the lighting you are used to a world of many lighting manufacturers producing hundreds of competing models, including many moving lights and LEDs. If you have been around for a while you can recall a much smaller lighting world with only a few manufacturers. And if you were around the lighting world in the early 1990s you may recall the exact moment you first saw a Source Four.

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    Jun 2013 Monday

    James Turrell At The Guggenheim Museum

    by Gary Fails | Jun 24, 2013
    I attended the James Turrell exhibit at NYC’s Guggenheim Museum today. It's a significant lighting/art installation that anyone interested in light will want to attend. My thoughts are my own, I’m not a critic, and I hold Mr. Turrell in the highest regard as an artist and innovator in the field of lighting. There are a number Mr. Turrell’s installations in the museum but the one that will capture the most attention and that I will discuss here is entitled Aten Reign.

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    Jun 2013 Saturday

    Great Local Lighting, And A Little Broadway History

    by Gary Fails | Jun 08, 2013
    I attended a local amateur dance concert in Rockland County, New York, and was impressed by the lighting. The quality of the lighting in smaller productions is often pretty uneven but in this one it was excellent and deserves a little recognition for a number of reasons.

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    May 2013 Thursday

    Software Demo Day

    by Gary Fails | May 09, 2013
    We organized a Professional Software Demo day at New York City's City Center Theatre. We had John McKernon and Jorge Arroyo representing Lightwright 5, Andy Voller of Moving Light Assistant, and Kevin Linzey of Vectorworks. It was great to see many lighting designers, users, students, and electricians from the New York lighting community. I had time for conversations with many friends and new acquaintances.